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Welcome to the Gaku Restaurant Skewer Sheet Information Page!

We at Gaku Restaurant pride ourselves in creating an authentic Japanese Yakitori Izakaya style restaurant. As a result we have designed our menus to be similar to those you would receive when entering a yakitori restaurant in Japan.
In keeping with tradition, we have created a Yakitori Skewer list that is very similar to what customers in Japan fill out when ordering. This checklist is a simple way of ordering skewers directly to the Master Grill Chef you see through the window!
Below, you will find information on how to fill out your skewer form.
If you have any questions, any of our friendly and helpful servers will be more than happy to assist you!


Kushi Order Form Descriptions:

Kushi Order Form

1) Skewer Description:

In this area is the type of skewer you are ordering. The bold words are the name of each skewer and the print in parenthesis’s is its English translation.

For example: Mi (Chicken Thigh)

2) Skewer Order Quantity:
This is the area you mark with pencil to order your skewers. Orders are placed in this area by putting a numerical figure in this box. Most skewers are one skewer per order unless otherwise specified.

For Example: If you would like 1 skewer of the Sasami (Chicken Breast) Skewer with Wasabi, you would put a 1 in the box adjacent to Wasabi
3) Skewer Flavors:
Many of our skewers come with different sauces/flavors. This area will have the name of the flavor/sauce that your skewer will be done with

For Example: For Sunagimo (Chicken Gizzards) there is a box for the Salt flavor and one for the Garlic flavor.
4) Skewer Price:
This box represents the price for each order of skewers.

For Example: If you would like a Skewer of Gyutan (Beef Tongue), each skewer will be $3.50


Order Recommendations:

Grilling Skewers to perfection takes some time, here are some recommendations to help with your experience.

Skewers per Person

A recommendation for first time customers for the number of skewers per person would generally be 4-5 per person with side menu items. Although each person is different, we at Gaku Restaurant have found that is a good place to start your order.

Balancing your order with Skewers & Side Dishes

Our finely grilled skewers may take some time to be prepared for you by our Master Grill Chefs. As a result, we highly recommend balancing your skewer order with side menu items to ensure better delivery of your food. We at Gaku Restaurant do our best to fulfill all orders in a timely fashion, unfortunately however, there are times where we may not be able to deliver your order with the excellent timing and service we prefer.

Large Group

When ordering for a large group of people (6+), it is generally recommended to place larger orders of fewer variations than to order small orders of larger variations. The reason for this is that each skewer grills at different rates and with larger parties, this increases the likelihood of time between skewers. We will be more than happy to accommodate small orders of large variations, however please keep in mind that the time between skewers may increase when doing so.

For example: For a party of 8 people an order of 4-8 Mi (Thigh) Skewers, 4-8 Tsukune (Chicken Meatball), 4-8 Kalbi (Kobe Style Beef), and 4-8 Teba (Chicken Wings) will be a good choice in quantity and variations, as it will allow us to deliver these skewers to your party in a timely fashion. The above order would also be an excellent example of where to start when ordering skewers for a group of 8 people as well!


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